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Street photography day 1..


After watching Zack Arias’s street shooting tutorial on Scott Kelby Training (take a look!! <a title=”Zack Arias Street Shooting Tutorial http://kelbytraining.com/course/zarias_street/,

I decided to go out and give it a try..

What I learned about street photography the first time out (most after the fact….):

1. Keep shooting, despite your brain saying “this is shit your getting nothing”……

2. Dont get to tight, you can always crop, and most likely there is stuff going on that you want in the frame, and wont notice until you get home… (the guy looking over his shoulder!) Shot with a Fuji X Pro 1 using the 18mm f2.0 lens..

3. Talk to people, thats how I got this shot….. did not know anyone at the event!

4. Find the action (seems obvious now..) In this case Beer, Dunk Tank, Bikini…… and wait it out..

5. Dont take the camera from your eye, stuff happens fast…..

Also check this out:<a title=”Digital Rev Cheap Camera Challenge¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zh6zr3wKRV0¬†Thanks Zack and DigitalRev for putting that together!

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