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Fuji X Pro 1 with Minolta 50mm F1.2

About 2 years ago I went looking for a 50 mm f1.2 lens to use on my Canon 7d.. While poking around on Ebay one day I stumbled upon a used minolta in a buy it now auction for around 325 Dollars.. After doing a little research on Cinema5D, I discovered that the Minolta 58mm f1.2 was a hot commodity at the time (everyone wanting to shoot video with Bokeh.. hard..), and there was one person in California who could machine that lens down and retrofit a canon EOS mounting ring. The main issue with the 58mm is that it requires CUTTING (yes cutting) the Mirror on the 5D to achieve infinity focus. I bought the lens and sent it out to california for modification at a reasonable price of 100.00.. Upon reciept, I got a call and was excitedly informed that there was no cutting of the mirror required with this lens, and that the vignetting on the 5D was better than with the 58mm!

The lens is almost impossible to focus through the 7D viewfinder.. In order to get best focus on the lens, I use the Zacuto Z FinderĀ and focus through the back LCD which allows me to zoom into an area to focus.. Still not an easy thing to do. Usually I have to set the focus point to where I want to place the eye in the image, hit the zoom button twice focus and hope that everything is in the frame…


Canon 7D, Zacuto Z Finder, Minolta 50mm f1.2

Here is a picture shot around a dim campfire, this shows that the lens picks up light!! Although it is a little on the soft side.:

I dont have a decent picture that shows the Bokeh yet, Ill try to take a decent one….

While doing research on the Fuji X Pro 1, I found the Kippon adapter that would allow me to mount this lens on the x pro:



Fuji X Pro 1, Kippon EOS adapter, Minolta 50 mm f1.2 Modified with EOS mount


By using the viewfinder set to display image mode, in manual focus and zooming in I should be able to set the focus point and focus in….. Ill post an image if I get a decent one…..


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